1. sbyrdistheword:



    So for those of you who don’t know, I was [sexually harassed today].

    And then I saw this girl slut-shaming on facebook right after that…and that triggered me.

    (read this from right to left)

    So I spent a long ass time of my life convincing her that

    a) slut and victim shaming is wrong

    b) wearing revealing clothing should not merit harassment

    c) wearing modest clothing does not all ways NOT bring about harassment

          i) there is no way to prevent harassment

    d) wearing revealing clothing or wearing modest clothing is fine…just as long as the woman or person of another gender has the choice to choose between the two by herself

    So, today, I’ve been fighting street harassment and stopping victim/slut shaming all in one day, so I’ve decided I am…*drumroll*…Social Justice Girl! :)

    You’ll notice the only thing men had to contribute to the conversation was guffawing about “tits”

    It’s pretty sad how people of all genders, not just men, can’t take serious conversations seriously.

    Jesus fucking Christ I wanna punch that Caroline chick in the mouth

  2. sbyrdistheword:

    Unfortunately, I experienced first-hand the terror of street harassment today. It’s not a compliment. It was not invited. And it’s not something that should be ignored.

    Harassing someone on the street =//= a compliment. Learn why it’s wrong on every level.

    Educate yourself.

    Everyone reblog this! I know this girl…what she experienced is NOT OKAY! We all need to be able to speak up about sexual harassment.