1. aimmyarrowshigh:


    I cannot believe Curvy Kate’s audacity to outright steal the work of a high school student for some insipid marketing message.

    Shame on you, Curvy Kate. Shame on you.

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    Original image via: Rosea Posey


    Not only steal the artwork, but steal it for the purpose of denigrating its message.

  2. fuckyeahfeminists:



    “being falsely accused of rape is trauma on par with being raped”

    okay, I’m done with reddit for today

    Uh it can be, a guy goes to jail for false accusations then gets raped himself? It ruins his life, gives everyone doubt to his character? Yeah. Selfish bitch much?

    except most rapists don’t go to jail? And even if he did, being false accused isn’t the trauma it’s BEING RAPED. So that would still be different.

    And can we just STOP comparing traumas to each other? No one ever wins. It isn’t selfish to recognize two different traumas are just that - DIFFERENT.

    Also - actual rape is way more common than false accusations. There is a special type of trauma of existing in a rape culture that tells you it is your fault vs. a world that is quick to defend and support someone who is outed as a rapist.

    More info about rape, rapist imprisonment (or more accurately - the lack thereof), and the rate of rape accusations.

  3. iamateenagefeminist:

    It’s exactly what it sounds like, folks 

    A California appeals court has overturned the rape conviction of a man accused of sneaking into an 18-year-old woman’s bedroom and having sex with her while pretending to be her boyfriend. The decision turned on a crucial fact: she wasn’t married.

    In the unanimous decision, the court cited an 1872 law that says a suspect is only guilty of rape if the victim is married and the attacker is pretending to be the spouse. In this case, the accused, Julio Morales, pretended to be her boyfriend.

    The 18-year-old woman, who had been sleeping, at first consented to sex, thinking she was with her boyfriend. But according to reports, when she realized his true identity she pushed him away. Morales was convicted of rape and sentenced to three years in prison. That conviction has been tossed out and the appeals court says the accused should be retried with prosecutors focusing on another rape law.

  4. tw: rape. If You Are a Woman or Care About Women Reblog This




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    Here’s a White House petition demanding the case be tried by a higher court, as opposed to Steubenville’s small-town corrupt juvenile court.

    Sign the petition!

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  5. Oh, you got raped? Well, that sucks. Are you sure you didn’t ask for it? What’s that, you’re pregnant cause of it? Well, you shouldn’t have had sex! No, you can’t abort the baby. That’s wrong. Congrats you gave birth to a kid! Wait, you don’t have the money to provide for it? Well why did you have a kid? You want us to help? You lazy bum, get a job. Oh, you have one but they didn’t give you maternal leave so you had to quit? Well good, why should you get maternal leave anyway? Don’t act so entitled. Know how you can deal with this? Get married. I suggest your rapist.
    — Not even the worst case scenario (via gaycentercx)

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