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    no, I am actually seriously really angry about the way theatre is priced these days. People go on and on and on about how MOVIEGOERS ARE STUPID and THEATRE IS SMRT but the thing is, maybe moviegoers would go see live theatre if theatre tickets cost ten dollars apiece instead of A HUNDRED DOLLARS. like, theatre is already suffering for mass appeal, and it’s going to slowly die unless the people who run Broadway and the West End and the rest pull their heads out of their asses and realize that they need to open their doors to people beyond the ten percent who can afford tickets as well as A ROOF OVER THEIR DAMN HEADS.



    I would LOVE for broadway shows to be cheaper. However, it cost a lot more money to put on a broadway show than to play a movie in a theater. You literally only need someone to press a button to play a movie. You need someone ripping tickets and people selling food. You don’t even need people selling tickets thanks to technology. However, you need people to perform in the shows, the orchestra/band, a stage manager, tech people, and many other people to get a show running 8 times a week. For traveling shows, also include the cost of travel to keep the show running. You need more than a kid who wants a parttime job at a movie theater to run a broadway show. You need people who are trained to run a broadway show. That being said, their wages suck compared to that of the actors (at least lead actors) performing in a show. While I would love for theater tickets to be 10 dollars instead of anywhere from 50-200 dollars, it wont happen. While you could probably get every ticket to be between 25-100 dollars and still make the show run, you still cannot charge everyone $10 and expect a show to last. I really wish you could because I would LOVE for more people to see live theater but it is not possible.

    I hate how the theater is for middle/upper class people but I dont think that will change any time soon.

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  3. So they’re casting a black man as James Bond…and let the great erasure of the English people, their culture and stories begin!




    Seriously, I said this before with Lancelot and I’ll say it again, James Bond was not black! If we cast a white man to play a historically black character, everybody would be up inarms about it. Funnily enough, Naomie Harris, ANOTHER black person playing a white character in the Bond films has expressed support for him to be bond. Why not just make every character in the film black? English people never existed anyway, they were always black, let’s just make Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare, Churchill and Jane Austen black! This is just another consequence of the genocide of the English race, a self-imposed genocide. Even films are now supporting it. Funnily enough, any SJW would be fuming if this happened to any other race, be it black, asian or south asian, as it would be considered ‘cultural appropriation’ and ‘erasure’. 

    Let’s do it, though.

    Let’s make everyone in these films Black. Let’s Black Up Hollywood for once because I’m tired of seeing pretty white dudes sexing up vapid, pure and white as snow femme fatales in every fucking movie. I’m tired of these fuckass movies about the Golden Age of Europe when “Black people didn’t exist until slavery” because we all know Black people just sprang out of the fucking ground already in chains and ready for shipment, right?

    Let’s make Hollywood Black. Because I’m sick to death of these romantic comedies featuring middle to upperclass white women with disposable income blundering through life with their privilege all because they just want a boyfriend…or a fucking baby, as if Black women can’t be portrayed as anything but mammies, mules, and the token Black friend only interested in money and sex.

    Let’s Black Up Hollywood. Let’s make all the action heroines Black women, because I guarantee we can serve up an ass-kicking with more style and less pale waif-fu than our white counterparts who dominate every action film since ever.

    Serves you privileged motherfuckers right. We gave you everything. EVERYTHING. And what we refused to give, you STOLE; our music (rock and roll and jazz was OUR thing motherfucker, our culture, our fucking NAMES. Your people essentially tried to ERASE US from history as anything but slaves and unfortunate ghosts (their descendants) that “mooch off society” but because genocide would be viewed with absolute horror on the world stage, you come up with more sinister ways to kill us off and disenfranchise us (the Crack Epidemic was a deliberate push to overthrow the Black community that was THRIVING in the East Coast at the time). You seek to erase the REAL us and replace our image with this romanticized, overblown caricature of what YOU perceive Black people to be.

    So yeah, LET’S MAKE ALL THE CHARACTERS BLACK, so we can view ourselves in a spectrum that doesn’t consist of GHETTO, TRASHY, LOUD, AND UNCOUTH AND MAMMIFIED.

    Get the fuck out of here, you privilege-whining fuckwit.

    I have chills right now. Everyone needs to read every. single. word.

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    [TW: Racism, ethnocentrism, and so on]
    [part 2 and part 3 of their review, and here’s one with an image of Jesus holding Fluttershy. You know what? Just look at their “christian textbooks” tag]

    One particular gem from this textbook:

    “British rule was highly beneficial for India in a number of ways. The first and foremost benefit under British rule was the work of Protestant missionaries…”

    I have never been so thankful that I never remembered a shred of history that I’d “learned” from these books (there’s one on American history, too!) as when I read that article.

    While my high school history books were shit, they were at least better than that…

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    This one girl (Republican, huge ass Romney supporter) told me more black people commit crimes than white people because black babies are born out of wedlock. But she informed me she was not in fact racist so her racist statements are perfectly okay. She even has a black friend!