1. well thanks for the invite i guess

  4. 22:15 5th Sep 2014

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    In honor of the customer who ruined my night, i will be retiring to bed early this evening. 

    Goodnight everyone. 

  5. 16:30 26th Jun 2014

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    What I love about living with 5 other people is we all individually go grocery shopping. But we buy enough for everyone every time we go. And everyone is afraid of eating food that they didn’t buy themselves. So we just have this over abundance of food.

  6. 21:25 9th Jun 2014

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    Oh fuck I’m on my way to my new apartment I’m growing up so fast

  7. don’t get obsessed with a certain kind of food at the same time of going through a really tough/depressing situation because you’ll go to eat that certain dish later on in life and just be assaulted with really sad feelings and memories 

  8. i would literally pay any one of you to help me move a mattress from Metairie to Houma. The going rate is $50 bucks and is totally negotiable. You just need access to a truck. Help me. 

  9. 21:07 13th May 2014

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    i only have a little under 3 hours left of being a teenager and i can tell y’all right now that i’m not ready to turn 20. like i’m not fucking ready get away from me. 

  10. 19:08

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    Guys it’s my birthday tomorrow and my mom gave me my gift early. This wrapping paper tho

    Guys it’s my birthday tomorrow and my mom gave me my gift early. This wrapping paper tho

  11. Oh also I almost pissed off a customer today. Long story short, I accidentally revealed that buying a specific product would actually be more money to spend than previously thought.


  12. 00:39 5th May 2014

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    i’m fuckin nervous as hell for this job tomorrow no joke.

    they throw around the term ‘sales associate’ all nonchalantly and i’ve seen the way these girls dress, everything about them is pristine and their make-up is spot on and they’re so nice and friendly but it’s like i have no idea how to sell shit to people. i can barely convince people to like me as a person. it’s a constant struggle to be civil to complete strangers every fucking day. so how am I gonna make people want to buy expensive home decor they don’t need? 

    like what if i’m not good enough?

  14. The new guy at work asked me if I had OCD. 

    I didn’t know whether to be insulted or a little impressed that someone finally noticed, other than my boss, how precise and meticulous I was when I worked. 

    And ya know, didn’t write me off as a demanding bitch. 

  15. The more I think about past relationships with significant others and friends that have gone sour, and I mean really sit down and analyze them, I realize that it was always my fault. I blame that kind of a mixture of ignorance, pride, and selfishness. It kind of makes me sick.