1. 20:20 30th Jan 2014

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    There’s just something about playing music that keeps me happy. When you play a song that people recognize and they smile and start singing along with the tune. It’s incredible.

  2. I remember when I when I was younger my uncle and I were talking about music and he asked if I listened to Tool and I was like

    Uncle Dean I’m a 15 year old white girl of course I don’t listen to Tool

  3. this songs gives me happy feelings

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    On My Own - Samantha Barks

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    Mister Nice Guy, by Invisible Inc. - literally a song about Nice Guy (TM) Syndrome

    “Nice Guys finish last cause they’re not trying to win,

    they’re just trying to win your pity.

    You might think he’s your friend with that puppy dog mug,

    but he just wants some puppy love, really.”