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I refuse to obsess about my age, and I refuse to accept the idea that looking younger is better.


    I refuse to obsess about my age, and I refuse to accept the idea that looking younger is better.

  2. Allowing Women To Drive Would Mean No More Virgins, Saudi Arabia Religious Council Says


    Allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia would mean no more virgins and an increase in homosexuality, according to academics at Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, it has been reported in the Telegraph.

    More pornography would be used if women were allowed on the roads and rates of prostitution and divorce would also risethe report stated.

    Produced in conjunction with Kamal Subhi, a former professor at the King Fahd University, the study into repealing the ban predicted that there would be no more virgins left in the Arab kingdom in 10 years.

    Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which bans women from driving.

    Professor Subhi described sitting in a coffee shop in an unnamed Arab state where “all the women were looking at me“.

    “One made a gesture that made it clear that she was available,” he said. “This is what happens when women are allowed to drive.”

    The report was produced for the country’s legislative assembly, the Shura Council. However this institution has no power as Saudi Arabia is ruled by a monarchy with absolute power.

    The state’s controversial ban on female drivers last came under attack in September after Shaima Jastaniya was sentenced to 10 lashes just days after Saudi King Abdullah granted women the right to vote. The punishment was overturned after international and domestic pressure.

    Saudi Arabia is currently considering a law for women to cover up their eyes if they are deemed too“tempting.”


    WHAT. WTF Saudia Arabia. Seriously? 

    All bolding in the above is mine. Because WHAT.

    Seriously, Saudi Arabi, what the fuck are you doing. 

    I cannot respond to this coherently right now. Jesus fucking christ.


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    So much love. So much love.

    SO much love for this post. Im so fucking sick of guys making posts like these, continuing to tell women how they think she should look.

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  4. I recently had a conversation with a Christian acquaintance over the subject of feminism.  She attempted to explain that ‘true’ feminism, from a Christian perspective, meant understanding the purpose given to you by God. The word ‘feminazi’ was dropped and I admittedly became irate.  She assertion that “women deserve better than abortion, abortion isn’t a choice,” and then my brain exploded out of the back of my head.

  5. the-womanifesto:

    An art student at my school, Western Kentucky University, is getting tons of national heat right now for her own backlash against a pro-life group. The group covered an entire set of bleachers with 4,000 crosses and from the art classroom windows you could see that it spelled out the word “LIFE.” They also targeted students walking by and asked them questions about abortion and had a board up that said, “How do you justify abortion?” This went on for a full week. She, I and many others at my school felt voiceless and bombarded. She responded with an art piece for her class, which was covering the crosses in condoms. The university police did not interfere as it was a freedom of speech, but now my school administration is demanding a public apology from her and does not support her actions. She has so far refused to apologize, but nationally, there is no one on her side, especially since Fox News got involved.

    Please read this blog post by a gender and women’s studies professor at WKU for more details and educated insight. Show support and show this student and my school that she does not owe an apology. We’re trying to make this viral enough to where we can get Rachel Maddow to pay attention and speak out about it. Help spread the word and let’s overtake the bigoted anti-choice voices that are attacking this student right now.

  6. thesexuneducated:


    (via What Happens To 3 Out Of 4 Girls After Leafing Through A Fashion Mag For 3 Minutes?)

    This is a really well made and powerful video. I definitely encourage everyone to watch this and pass it along. Invest in the future of youth!