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    When I was in Boston this weekend I took my friend to Copley Square because it has, in my experience, two of the most beautiful churches in the country. Outside of Old South Church (a United Church of Christ church), there was this sign. Big. And it was amazing how great I felt to see Trans on there. I imagine it would be the same for someone who was homeless or a recovering addict or bisexual or something else that people often judge you for - or who had an identity that has made other religious communities abandon you or shame you. It also wasn’t just listed with things that are “problems” or difficult. It was listed with Male and Female, with Nerd and Cool Kid… I just think this sign is so powerful and I wanted to share it with everyone.

    That is pretty awesome. 

    Christianity: You’re doing it right.

    this is the best :]


    This is how all Christians are supposed to act.

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We human beings can escape the oxygen barrier, but not the hate barrier. We’ve made it so space, so let’s erase hate!
Found on FCKH8.com


    We human beings can escape the oxygen barrier, but not the hate barrier. We’ve made it so space, so let’s erase hate!

    Found on FCKH8.com

  3. Poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle do cause health problems, in people of all sizes. This is why it’s so fucking crucial to separate the concept of “obesity” from “eating crap and not exercising.” The two are simply not synonymous — not even close — and it’s not only incredibly offensive but dangerous for thin people to keep pretending that they are. There are thin people who eat crap and don’t exercise — and are thus putting their health at risk — and there are fat people who treat their bodies very well but remain fat. Really truly.
    — Kate Harding (via lavenderlabia)

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    Hank Green on gay marriage (x)

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  5. Why Can’t I Buy Avengers Pants?



    I thought I’d tackle the rather hard-shitting feminist topic of why I can’t buy Avengers pajamas or pants.

    I enjoyed Iron Man, Captain America and Thor as much as everyone else on Tumblr, although I may post less pictures of Tom Hiddleston’s face than is required to become a fully fledged member of the Avengers fandom, I’ve certainly got the Loki love. I was super-excited to see the Avengers, and not just because I loved the previous films, I am also a life-long fan of Joss Whedon, and I find it impossible to think that he can do anything wrong. (APART FROM WHEN HE KILLED OFF ANYA AND POKED XANDER’S EYE OUT. WHYYYYYYYYY?!)

    Anyway, I work in a clothes shop, and around the time the Avengers came out, we started selling Avengers themed pants and Superman pajamas in the men’s section, and this made me think that I’d quite like some Avengers pajamas and pants. We didn’t have any in the girl’s section at work, but we did sell The Only Way is Essex pants, so that’s nice isn’t it?

    I wasn’t really surprised we didn’t sell any at work, but I felt sure that I’d be able to get some online… OH, AND I DID. Here’s a little preview of them; 

    Something strikes me as odd about these, it’s almost like the only way women can buy Avengers pajamas is if they sexualize themselves and the Avengers in the process. Personally, I’m a fan of the flannel pajama, so these really don’t ring my bells. I particularly like how the waist on all three pajamas is so narrow they have to add a background to the pajama, just to accentuate the tininess of the waist. Always nice to have your self-esteem kicked just before bed. As Christina Flores writes, you can’t help but feel like these were made with men in mind, like the only reason women would want Avengers pajamas is to impress a partner, cus we all know the Hulk is sexy. 

    You only have to look through Tumblr to see that girls are among some of the biggest Avengers fans. It just seems strange that Marvel would cut off 50% of their market because of some warped sexism. Marvel, WAKE UP. Girls bloody love superheroes and comics, and can we please let the world know that in our choice of underwear and pajamas please? But in a way that is comfortable and non-‘sexy’, give me some Avengers flannel pajamas and full brief pants, and I’ll love you forever.

    I really would like this to change, I want to see the Hulk popping up in the girl’s section of clothes more often, I want more of a range! And give the men some The Only Way is Essex pants incase they want some, not all men like the Avengers and not all women like The Only Way is Essex, and I’d like to see that reflected in clothing stores. I know I’m not a minority in this, and I’d like shops online and off to stop making me feel like one. 

    Christina Flores also writes a bit about this.

    which is why I mostly shop in the mens section.