1. 14:24 29th May 2012

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    Conservative bumper sticker seen this weekend:


    “I’ll keep my GUNS, MONEY and FREEDOM… you can keep the CHANGE!”

    Get it?

    Not psychopathic at all.

  2. Excerpts from The Conservative Teen



    Come with me on an adventure, folks: into the amazing world of Conservative Teenwhere the white people don’t get any whiter.

    Where musical theater turns kids to the Devil…

    …and sex threatens to wipe out entire civilizations with its wanton vaginal gushing.

    Where doggy style is just another liberal nod to Paganism…

    …and Elmo’s environmental agenda is destroying young minds.

    Where the main message sent to American teens is: MORE WHITE BABIES.

    Thanks to the Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council for making my day that much brighter.

    And the history nerd in me just loved the piece on history. Did you know the Declaration of Independence is one of the building blocks of the US government? It was not written by traitors of Britain… The men who wrote the DoI committed treason against the British crown. Guess we skip over that part in US history when we claim the “founding fathers” were good patriots instead of traitors to Britain…

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  3. Rick Santorum’s 2400-word essay about how he was justified in saying that JFK’s speech about separation of church and state made him want to “throw up.”