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    Mississippi State Representative Bubba Carpenter, speaking to the Alcorn County GOP on Thursday, said as much:

    “We have literally stopped abortion in the state of Mississippi. Three blocks from the Capitol sits the only abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi. A bill was drafted. It said, if you would perform an abortion in the state of Mississippi, you must be a certified OB/GYN and you must have admitting privileges to a hospital. Anybody here in the medical field knows how hard it is to get admitting privileges to a hospital…

    “It’s going to be challenged, of course, in the Supreme Court and all — but literally, we stopped abortion in the state of Mississippi, legally, without having to—  Roe vs. Wade. So we’ve done that. I was proud of it. The governor signed it into law. And of course, there you have the other side. They’re like, ‘Well, the poor pitiful women that can’t afford to go out of state are just going to start doing them at home with a coat hanger. That’s what we’ve learned over and over and over.’

    “But hey, you have to have moral values. You have to start somewhere, and that’s what we’ve decided to do. This became law and the governor signed it, and I think for one time, we were first in the nation in the state of Mississippi.”

    Garland Grey recently wrote:

    I think one of the most important things we could do is to continually find ways to make pro-choice people proud and forthright about their beliefs, to puff them up with moral superiority and FACTS and send them out into the world with the conviction that abortion isn’t shameful, not even a little, that supporting abortion is not merely the right thing to do but opposing abortion is morally obscene, and that anyone who questions these two premises is more invested in self-righteousness than they are in human lives. I think if we could drain the residual shame from the movement and create activists who aren’t simply pro-choice but who understand that being “pro-life” is a symptom of not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about and not giving a damn as long as you can think of yourself as morally superior, we could move this fight toward a decisive victory.

    What Bubba Carpenter says here, that it doesn’t matter if people seeking abortions die because forcing people into unsafe abortions is a winning MORAL position, shows how completely morally-corrupt the anti-choice position actually is. Bubba Carpenter is “pro-life”, via Garland’s on-spot definition, because he doesn’t give a damn about any actual people. Carpenter sees himself as morally superior to every person who has gotten an abortion or will ever get one. It’s hard to see the humanity in others when you are looking down at them from so far up on high. 

    Bubba Carpenter and the “morality” that he represents are truly disgusting. And there is nothing - NOTHING - pro-life about it.

    How convenient for Bubba and other anti-choicers that they think morality starts and ends between your legs, because I can’t see where else they could be keeping theirs.

    Also of interest: Bubba voted against a bill that would require the State Board of Education and State Board of Health to establish a pilot program for comprehensive (minus abortion), age-appropriate sex ed in high risk school districts. The bill, of course, stalled in the Senate committee. Mississippi must really love unplanned, unwanted pregnancies!

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  2. "Actually, I’m married."



    Ok, I’m not actually married, but this is what I say when a guy comes up to me, creeps on me (as in: I politely ask him to let me be when I am clearly in the middle of something, but he does not respect that wish), then proceeds to “go in for the kill” by asking if I have a boyfriend or am dating someone. I obviously do not do this to seemingly nice guys who are respectful of my boundaries. And frankly, I go out of my way to give the benefit of the doubt in some situations, but all too often, those are not the type of guys that I find myself dealing with when it comes to momentary unwanted encounters of a predatory nature.

    I hate being asked this for a couple reasons:

    1. It makes me wonder, “If you know you don’t have a chance in fucking me am I suddenly not worth having a conversation with?” Their loss because I can have a damn fine conversation. ;-)
    2. Why is it any of their business. They just met me.

    And even worse, when I say that I’m married, they point at my left index finger and accusingly state, “Well, you’re not wearing a ring…” Like I said, I’m not actually married. However, if I were, I don’t think I would wear a wedding ring. I think I would put it on a chain and wear it around my neck. Because that’s who I am, and what I would choose to do. Why does one have to wear a wedding ring to be married? Why does it have to be on that finger to be legitimate or even real?

    And more importantly, why would this man not take me at my word. I said I was married. Who are you to further question me about the legitimacy of why or why not I would choose to wear a ring. You don’t know me.

    Why do you believe you are entitled to me, just because you saw me sitting alone? I don’t give out dibs, nor do I give out my number to strange men who perch over me, leering, and trying to pressure me into giving them something. I don’t fawn over invasions of privacy either. 

    Oh, and this is not just a personal preference. This is a human preference. Who knows, maybe even a dog preference, but for today, why don’t we just start with human, and see how you do… sir.

    Bold is mine. 

    And this. All of this. So many times I use the “I’m married/engaged/dating” bit to shrug off creepy and unwanted advances when the dudes just won’t take the hint that I’m not interested. 

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  3. Rick Santorum’s 2400-word essay about how he was justified in saying that JFK’s speech about separation of church and state made him want to “throw up.”